Detachable Octopus Tripod

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It is OK to be a little rough & clumsy or hand this tripod off to kids. You will have no complaints about this product being fragile or poorly made like other flexible tripods. The Best Tripod. This Durable tripod stand is made of high-quality brand material by Apexel. The flexible tripod legs are high-grade aluminum, coated with high-density rubber. The hardware for adjusting the 360-degree swivel mount is the best grade made for continues usage.



The camera tripod is adjustable with a durable 360° Rotatable Swivel Mount. Strong and heavy duty. It can support the size and weight of all DSLR cameras and smartphones. The Octopus mini, legs are extremely durable. capable of withstanding numerous bends and folds for long lasting experience of attaching the tripod anywhere, (Sloping or Slick surfaces) allowing you to capture different angles virtually anywhere., anytime



The flexible tripod is Great for outdoor use. Strong high-density rubber coating allows you to secure the tripod legs around outside conditions such as hot or cold surfaces, rough or wet surfaces such as tree limbs, without having to worry about rips or tears. Tripod is great for securing phone or GoPro in the gym, selfie stick, use on the desk at work, kitchen counter for reading, the options are endless. Be creative with Apexel flexible tripod.