trending hot online universal portable clip on travel camera 10in1 filter lens kit for cell phone

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Have fun with your mobile
These lenses are inexpensive, easy to use, and fit in the palm of your hand, granting you a kaleidoscope of options previously reserved for people who own pricey cameras and a bagful of lenses the size of your forearm. Think wide-angle, fish-eye, telephoto, kaleidoscope and macro lens, special effect filters, which will let you experiment with multiple lenses, depending on what the moment calls for.

10–in–1 fun lens kit:
2x telescope+198 fisheye + 0.63x wide angle + 15x macro + kaleidoscope 6+kaleidoscope 3 + star filter + radial filter+ CPL + flow filter.

Multi-function: 10 different lenses in one set
portable: zipper case packaging
Universal mounting: soft pad protective clip for most mobile