110° Wide Angle Lens for Phone

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Wide Angle Lens

It allows you to fit more into the frame, making them perfect for capturing magnificent and stunning scenes such as expansive landscapes or cramped interiors.


Enhanced Perspective

A smaller focal length gives you more space to frame large buildings and other large-scale shots that were difficult to capture before. Also, as you move further into the wide-angle territory, objects near the camera continue to appear larger, while objects in the distance appear extremely small, thus enhancing the perspective of the image. Perspective is what gives flat pictures a spatial (three-dimensional) quality.


Improved Depth of Field

Wide angle lenses exhibit more depth-of-field at a given aperture than telephoto lenses.


Greater Context For Portraits

Capture a subject in relation to the environment that is most indicative of the story you want to convey.


Why are APEXEL lenses better quality?

All of our lenses are handmade from a premium, cinema-grade glass. What makes this lens different from everything else on the market is we took a cinema design process and brought it to your mobile phone. Its multi-element design enables us to maximize image quality without adding bulk. When you pick up an APEXEL Lens you instantly feel the quality. This isn’t a cheap plastic lens, instead, it’s made of aerospace grade metal and hand polished glass. It adds just enough weight to your phone without weighing you down.